Republican educational health center “Baldauren” for its 18 years clearly identified its role in an educational space of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“Baldauren” is an island of reliability, safety, care of children. Social importance of our center is undeniable. We bring up in children active citizenship, reveal creative abilities, give equal opportunities for every child to assert themselves as a person, and help them to find their way of life. And what life will be in “Baldauren” depends on us, adults. We are very proud of our unique system, and every worker in our center is not a random person but loving his job and children.

Today “Baldauren” is 18, but we sincerely believe “Island of childhood” will celebrate more than one birthday. And only age of their citizens will stay the same – children’s. I would like to wish children to show their unique to do the rest in Baldauren full, interesting and healthy. And if children, leaving “Baldauren”, want to come back again and again, it is a high valuation of our joint work. 

I wish to the staff of educational health center new professional achievements, realization of all plans, new horizons and new victories. 


Alibaev S.T

Director General of   RSGE REHC “Baldauren”


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