In Kazakhstan much attention is paid to the development of mass sport, elite sport, healthy lifestyles and the development of each citizen in particular.

Rehabilitation and physical education of teenagers in REHC "Baldauren" is engaged in sports and tourist complex . This complex is one of the main divisions of the centre. The main mission of sport-tourism complex is to implement the program of Physical Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, through education and training of children on the basis of the priorities of a healthy lifestyle, human values, the achievements of modern pedagogy, advanced experience using effective for the center of upbringing-educational and health programs. The tasks of the complex are:

 • creating conditions for physical culture, sport and tourism;

 • upholding the principles of a healthy lifestyle by promoting physical culture, sport and tourism;

 • upbringing of volitional, moral, ethical and aesthetic qualities of the person;

•  strengthening the health.

The complex in accordance with the basic purpose and objectives holds health works in 3 directions: physical education, sport and tourism.

Scientific-methodical problem of the complex: the formation of a healthy lifestyle at the Physical education lessons through the using of traditional and innovative approaches of teaching. 

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