Children are huge investment in the future. We should strive to give our children the best education.

Nursultan Nazarbayev

From the Message to the Nation “Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”:  a new policy of established state" from January, 17, 2014)

New Kazakhstan in new world accepts the challenges of the present and creates qualitatively new conditions and requirements. During the years of independence it has formed a completely new and original, labeled by the leader of the nation - Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan's way to competitive and developed state. Kazakhs is a nation, united in order to preserve and enhance the heritage of ancestors - a country called Kazakhstan.

In the Message to the Nation "Kazakhstan's way-2050: Common goal, common interests, common future", Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed the concrete plan of action, in which the younger generation has a special role. The most important task facing the people of Kazakhstan is the implementation of the national idea "Mangilik El".

Republican educational health center "Baldauren" keeps pace with the times and try to implement all the ideas and innovations in the field of educational space. Features of upbringing and educational environment in a short-term stay necessitate the introduction of a learner-centered approach and formation on this basis of socio-adapted personality of Kazakh society. Direction of Center system promotes the formation of Kazakhstan younger generation’s active citizenship and sense of patriotism.

"Baldauren" is a pedagogical complex, which aims at the socialization of the individual person through the implementation of thematic shifts that create favorable conditions for the social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of young citizens of Kazakhstan, development of leadership experience, creating a situation of well-being and success of each member. The study subjects aim at the formation of spiritual and moral qualities and patriotic feelings, civic responsibility, the development of national self-awareness and tolerance, strengthening of human values ​​and the formation of a conscious rejection of the idea of ​​the youth of terrorism and extremism, the ability to communicate in a multi-ethnic Kazakhstan.

In accordance with the Strategic Plan of REHC "Baldauren" for 2012-2016 at the Centre it is held a large purposeful work on patriotic education. In its work, all teaching staff of the Centre strive to teach children the conscious towards their motherland, its past, present and future; create conditions for the realization of every child's own citizenship; the ability not to lose self-control in critical situations.

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