Educational complex


Educational complex

There are 36 teachers in educational complex of the Republican educational health center "Baldauren". Qualitative consist of teachers: the highest category - 27%, with the first - 32%, with the second - 29%, with no category - 12%. The whole staff is distributed over the cycle methodological associations. There are 5 of them. These are methodical associations:

 1. teachers of Mathematics, Physics, Computer science;

 2. teachers of Science education;

 3. teachers of the Kazakh language and literature;

 4. teachers of Russian and foreign languages;

 5. teachers of Physical Education.

 There were organized two creative groups of teachers which represent the professional interest to them and were important for each of them:

 1. integrative role of ethnic culture in the cycle of philological subjects;

 2. technology of three-dimensional training system.

The task of  the complex is creating a positive environment for quality education aimed to the formation, development and professional development of competitive person on the basis of national and universal values, science and practice. Every term 288 pupils study at school who represent  all regions of Kazakhstan.  Participants of the term are distributed to 14 classes.

 To solve the main problem of school rooted in the educational program there were created the following conditions:

ü  curriculum;

ü  structure of  methodical service of schools;

ü  monitoring based on the MSC – one of the  conditions of effective school work;

ü  classrooms, equipped with interactive whiteboards and a complete software for all subjects.

Teachers of the complex actively introduce innovations, which are implemented at the level of development and practice.

 During the year, teachers are constantly hold open classes using: ICT, the level differentiation, game technology, elements of ethnopedagogy. The teaching process is carried out on a modular technology, which is the best in the temporary stay of children. The integrated lessons are put into practice that is consistent with the concept of developmental education. According to the address of Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev in promotion of intellectual nation, taking the State Program of development of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020, in connection with the preparation of a phased transition to the 12-year old education and in order to support initiatives of children participating in the terms from November 2010 teachers of the educational complex are working on the implementation of scientific-educational project "National Children's Academy of young researchers of Kazakhstan. This project aims to support young talents of secondary schools, the interaction of development of distance education and support of young researchers in general subjects related to the transition to 12 year-old education system. Today, 29 pupils from all over Kazakhstan have research work under the guidance of teachers of educational complex.

Teachers created and produced  their own authors program and methodical text-books: author program of Beketay B.A., Kalieva S.S "Kazakh Otbasy" integrated course for the 9th form pupils in English and in Kazakh; author program of Daulenova G.Z., Bytisheva A.B "On sausaktan oner tamgan, kazagym" in Kazakh for  the 7th form pupils in Russian; author program and the textbook "Fundamentals culture of speech" for students of 8-9 forms of  teacher Daulbaeva G.T., the author's pedagogical project "Oratory art and Rhetoric" for students of 5-6 forms Baybasunova G.A.; tutorial for history teachers' “Use of information technology at history  lessons " Yakovenko A.A.

Every year teachers take an active full-time and part-time participation in international scientific conferences. 

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