Scientific - methodical department


Scientific-methodical department carries out the program-targeted bail of educational and upbringing process and is a structural subdivision of the Republican Educational Health centre "Baldauren". Today, the main functions of this department are as follows:

- analytical;

- expert;

- informational;

-program and methodical;

- organization and coordination;

- consulting;

- systematic analysis of internal controls.

        Specialists of the department are responsible for the formation of thematic policy and optimize the content of pedagogical, methodical activities, control and analyze the realization of the terms programs. Such work has advanced character.

 Attractive forms of the work with clearly defined results include the effect of novelty. They allow showing creativity and independence; give the possibility of variability in the choice of ways to achieve the set goals, and help to satisfy the individual needs of the child for self-assertion and creative self-manifestation.

Scientific-methodical department was and remains as a laboratory of developing and testing of new forms of the work with children and teenagers, holds seminars, conferences, meetings, issues methodical recommendations and maintains constant contact with the media.

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