International relationships


In order to promote international cooperation in the field of quality software organization of children's leisure, generalization of international experience in October 2009, a delegation from the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in International founding conference of International public organization "Commonwealth of organizers of children's rest", which was held in Moscow. The Delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science, represented by the RSGE REHC "Baldauren", signed a protocol on joining of Kazakhstan to this international public organization.

There were conducted business negotiations by the cooperation of RSGE REHC "Baldauren" in the field of information exchange of innovative teaching technologies. REHC "Baldauren" became one of the founders and a member of International public organization "Commonwealth of organizers of children's rest", which includes children's centers: ICC "Artek", All-Russian children's centers "Orlyenok" and "Ocean", GCHE "Camp named after S.Tyulenina",  FCC "Smena" (Russian Federation), GE "Molodaya gvardiya" (Ukraine), NCEHC "Zubryenok" (Republic of Belarus), SHC "Kamchia" (Bulgaria) and others.

Today "Baldauren" is a unique children's center, which has no analogues in the CIS and the Eurasian space, except for the International Children's Center "Artek", All-Russian Children's Center "Orlyenok" and "Ocean" (Russian Federation) and the National Children's Educational Health Center "Zubryenok " (Republic of Belarus).

It has become a good tradition to take on rest in "Baldauren" children from the CIS and foreign countries through the World Association of Kazakhs. Our center was visited by children from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Great Britain, Germany, China, Uzbekistan, Hungary.

Today, on the base of the center students from colleges and higher educational establishments of Almaty, Astana, Kokshetau, Moscow, Semipalatinsk, Pavlodar, Kostanay, Karaganda, Petropavlovsk and other cities pass their summer internships, as well students from Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic.

Every year, a traditional children's forum "Golden Bridge of Friendship" is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

Over the years, there were meetings with creative writers and artists, astronauts and athletes, MPs and politicians, scientists, journalists, war and labor veterans, young performers and artists. Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan representatives, as well as a large delegation of educators of Moscow City Government, representatives of the Japanese education system, Turkey, leaders of  two European children's organizations and international children's organization UNICEF, OSCE and other international organizations, ambassadors of the Republic of Kazakhstan from India, Turkey, Korea and other countries.

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