The basis of the program No. 019 "Recovery, rehabilitation and recreation of children" is the organization of rest and recovery of gifted children, orphans, children with limited disabilities, children from ecologically unfavorable regions of the country, children from low-income families, creation of necessary conditions for spiritual physical perfection.

Services are provided within the governmental tasks of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Services are fulfilled in accordance with the thesis of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education" dated July 27, 2007, the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2014-2018 No. 258 from 03.26.2014, the organization through recovery, rehabilitation and recreation of children.

Expected number of recovered children in a year is 4608.

Recovery activities are held in the following directions: medical monitoring during events at the Center, depending on the age and conditions of children’s health in using local natural climatic conditions (tempering, air and sun baths, sports, hiking, trekking, and walking outdoors).

Treatment is held through the emergency medical care, outpatient reception, detection and timely isolation of sick children, immediate signal to appropriate public health authorities in cases of infectious diseases, the organization of transportation and hospitalization of children, if it needs.

Prophylaxis is accomplished by monitoring the overall health of children; monitoring the compliance with the day regime; catering; sanitary condition of the territory of the Center, sources of water supply, sewerage; carrying out sanitary - epidemiological measures, sanitary - educational work.

The Centre makes 5 single complete, balanced foods, appropriate to the physiological needs of children and using micronutrient and C-vitamin.

There are some medically specialized circles to form a healthy lifestyle of the children. The children get to know how to behave in dangerous situations, to know about a human being’s body and its resources, the secrets of nature and much more. 

Children are provided with services of therapeutic and recreational activities:

1.  Medication: pathogenetic; symptomatic; vitamin therapy.

2. Physiotherapy treatments: physiotherapy; water treatment; halotherapy; massage.

3.Therapeutic exercise: morning exercises; physiotherapy; sport games; health dosed path-walking; walks and games with sport equipment.

In addition, a herbal medicine, singlet-oxygen therapy, trainings on personal development (classes with a psychologist), tempering.

Today's children spend little time outdoors, in games, no longer interested in a more active leisure activities, preferring gadgets. Communicating in social networks, dependent on the Internet, children often do not have stable friendly relations in the real world. In our Center children learn many interesting things, expand their horizons, improve health, find new friends.

REHC "Baldauren" provides a complete and exciting recreation and recovery of children, as well as solve the problem of their development and education.

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