Republican Educational Health centre "Baldauren" is located on the territory of the State National Natural Park “Burabay”.

The region is famous for its unique beauty, clean air and ancient rich history.

“Burabay” is a pearl of the Great Kazakh steppe Sary Arka.

Here a person merges with the fragrant air, the blue and unique beauty of the mountains, the purity and transparency of rivers and lakes.

And in such a beautiful picturesque part of the nature of Kazakhstan it was built the Republican educational health center "Baldauren", the initiator of which was the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

This land is the Horde of Ablai khan, who played an important role in the uniting three zhuzes, this is the motherland of the fighters for the freedom of Kazakh people: Kenesary, Birzhan sal, Baluan Sholak and Akan Sery.

All this creates the favourable conditions for the social, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of the young citizens – the true patriots of Kazakhstan.

Children and teenagers’ rest in "Baldauren", close to nature, helps to solve very important problems in social pedagogy, as it decides the child’s employment problem in summer, enriches holidays with cultural content, attracts interest in world and national culture, instills the desire for a healthy way of life.              

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