International Specialized Exhibition "Expo" is the largest international exhibition which demonstrates the latest scientific and technological achievements, prospects of development, as well as the history, traditions and culture of the countries around the world. The result of world exhibitions is to expand the international, economic, political, cultural and scientific relations. World exhibitions are held once every five years. The initiative of organizing such a large-scale event in the capital of our country belongs to the Head of State.

President N.A. Nazarbayev noted that it is the greatest opportunity for our country to get new energy and "green" technology. EXPO is an opportunity for young people to make a step forward to the promising and prosperous future, take a big step in the study of foreign languages, because many young people can participate in this event as volunteers.

Republican Educational Health Center "Baldauren" is no exception, children from all regions of our country come here to relax. Gifted children are not only in subject knowledge, but also the children who have reached success in sport, art and the study of new technologies (aeromodelling, robotics). In REHC "Baldauren" there were created favorable conditions for physical, intellectual and spiritual development of children, to reveal their natural talent and potential.

According to the joint plan approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and JSC "NK Astana EXPO-2017" in the framework of preparations for the international exhibition "EXPO-2017" for the years 2015-2017 there were held following activities:

  • technical creativity and robotics exhibition "Mini-EXPO-2017";
  • Scientific decade "Energy saving and energy efficiency in my school";
  • regional competitions of scientific projects "My Eco-House";
  • competition of children's movies (children's film studios) "Healthy energy of young people";
  • Ecological Action "No to "dirty "energy!

In Republican Educational Health Center "Baldauren" there was held children's creativity competition "Karlygash EXPO -2017», aimed at strengthening and supporting creative initiatives of students.

According to the conditions of the competition, each participant of the term introduced to the jury members in the final version of the materials for participation in the competition (layouts, projects, exhibits, sketches, crafts of handmade and others.) 44 students participated in the competition, according to the results of the contest the winners were awarded with diplomas and certificates. There was held a round table with the chairman of Ecological Union "Tabigat" Mels Khamzaevich Yeleussizov, where participants were able to ask about Kazakhstan's ecology and the environmental state of the world as a whole, about the impact of scientific and technological revolution on the environment. REHC "Baldauren" provides a powerful incentive for the realization of students’ artistic, scientific ideas. The foundation of human development as a person lays in school age.

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