The Art Gallery

Since December 25, 2009 the Art Gallery began working in the Republican educational health center  “Baldauren”.

The creation of the art gallery became possible due to the team-work of a famous Kazakhstani artist Zulkainar Kozhamkulov and the administration of the Center in the person of the General Director of REHC “Baldauren” Mukhitdin Bekbolatovich Tolepbai.

During the team-work in the Center there were conducted republican and international art-symposiums. The best artists from 16 regions of Kazakhstan and countries of near abroad Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan became their participants. Modern sculptors and masters of applied arts took part in the work of symposiums.

An impressive collection of high-class paintings presents different styles and techniques. In the Art Gallery there are unusual interesting author’s works: from the memory of the honey childhood up to the deep philosophic generalization. In the paintings the artists strive for the self-determination through the language of metaphors and associations, addressing to the traditional nomadic heritage. The painting of the artists is a wide spectrum of new styles for the traditional consciousness in the impetuously changing world.

In the Art Gallery there were presented the works of such artists as: Amankosov Kazym, Bekenov Mukhtar, Karzhasov Kabdylgalym, Kozhamkulov Zulkainar, Kudaibergenov Yerzhan, Nazarkulov Yerlan, slekenov Rafael and also the works of artists and sculptors from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan: Miliyeva Zaira, Berdikeyev Zhanybek, Maturaimov Zhargalbai, Tadgikhodgayev Tulyagan, Baimukhanov Geimran, Pozdnyakov Nikita and etc. The artists whose works were exhibited in the Art Gallery of “Baldauren” are the members of the Union of artists, the laureates of the republican and international contests and exhibitions.

Ethnographical museum - Kazakh Yurt

If you are in Baldauren, you can see our ethnic museum – the white Kazakh yurt, where you can feel and enjoy the real life of Kazakhs and their culture. Yurt is one of the oldest and greatest inventions of Eurasian nomads. At all times Yurt was a practical and convenient, portable accommodation.

Yurt is a round-shaped, sophisticated construction with a dome. If explain its structure in simple words, it consists of three main parts and many other smaller parts. Three main parts include Shanyrak – top of the Yurt, Kerege – walls carcass and Uwyk – a carcass part from Kerege to the Shanyrak. The carcass is usually covered with pieces of felt from outside and decorated with carpets from inside. It should be noted, that Shanyrak is extremely valuable for Kazakhs and is considered to be a sacred symbol of family wellbeing and piece. Yurt usually does not have rooms in it, and it was a common practice to have a separate Yurt as a bedroom, separate one as a kitchen, guesthouse, etc as long as people could afford that.

Connection to the nature and the universe is reflected in the interior design of the Yurt. Flower patterns of tekemets (felt carpets), abstract, cosmogonic ornaments of  baskurs (woven, patterned ribbons encircling the inner perimeter of the yurt), furniture intricately carved and inlaid, all these reflect the perception of the Kazakh nomads about the world structure and beauty among which they live. Almost all types of traditional craft of Kazakhs can be found in the interior decoration of the Yurt. Multi-coloured patterns of ornaments, rich texture and flexibility of wood-carvings, different type of embroideries, felt carpets, leather handiworks and metal items, thus creating a unique polyphony of colors and lines.

The libriry is a mine of self-education, culture and spirituality. 

In the library of “Baldauren” there are modern, illustrated encyclopedias, classical and belles-lettres. The great choice of periodicals of the different themes helps you to find the cardinal points in constantly filling up informative space.

There are constantly exhibitions in the library: “Kazkhstan – 2030”, “Til. Tanym. Tarbie”, “Nature is our home”, “My native land – Burabay” and others. The main directions of the library’s work are: the work with the readers, the methodological recommendations to the pedagogues and students, the annual subscribing to periodicals, exhibitions of the books for the significant dates and jubilees, literary meetings.

Guests of "Baldauren"

“Baldauren” is very famous for its hospitality. There are many guests coming to our center who have left the prominent marks in the children’s memory. Here children can see and even meet famous people of our country and from abroad.

"Baldauren" was visited by a public figure, warrior-internationalist Bakhytbek Smagul; astronaut, General-Lieutenant of Aviation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the National Space Agency of Kazakhstan Talgat Musabayev; Hero of Socialist Labor, People's Artist of USSR, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR and the Kazakh SSR, professor of Republican Special Music boarding school named after K.Baiseitova Bibigul Tulegenova; poet, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan Fariza Ongarsynova; People's Artist of Kazakhstan, State Prize winner, choreographer Bolat Ayukhanov; Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, famous singer and composer Marat Omarov; composer Marat Ilyasov; People's Artist of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize Nurgali Nusipzhanov; singer, composer, People's Artist of Kazakhstan Nurlan Onerbaev; singer Dosymzhan Tanatarov; poet Kalkaman Sarin; the main character in the movie "Shiza", winner of the prize of Japan and Morocco in the category "The best Actor" Olzhas Nusipbaev; World chess ex-champion, champion of Kazakhstan Darmen Sadvakasov; Olympic boxing champion Bakhyt Sarsekbayev; skier, Asian Games champion, two-time junior world champion Nikolay Chebotko.

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